Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New Website

We have a new website which has a better layout for everyones needs.

you can find the new site at Here

see you on the new site soon!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Microsoft Security Essentials BETA

Microsoft Connect participants are being invited to join a new Microsoft Security Essentials Public Beta program. Microsoft vaguely state that the newest MSE beta will have “the latest protection features”, and the beta program itself will “start soon” after you accept the invitation.

If you have been invited to join the Microsoft Security Essentials beta you will have received an email from Microsoft Connect. If not and you would like to join, you can try your luck over at the Microsoft Connect webpage.
In the meantime, we await to see what the new MSE has in store.

Monday, 14 November 2011

is your computer safe and secure?

Following on from the recent Steam security breach which allowed hackers to gain access to critical system, we thought we would ask you how secure do you think you are!...

So..... how secure is your computer, can you say yes to any of the following? if you can then you probably are safer than most people that are reading this.
  1. Do you have Antivirus? > if not get this its free and by Microsoft.
  2. Have you ran a Virus scan recently.
  3. Do you have Anti Maleware. if not get this Anti Malware < its free
  4. Have you ran a Maleware scan recently.
  5. Do you have lots of crazy tool bars installed? < if so I would advise uninstalling if only for performance reasons
  6. Do other people know your passwords or account details.
If you were able to answer the questions and still feel secure then you should not need to worry hoever if you fail any of the above I would suggest getting up to date!

There are many other things people can do to protect themselves online, however people who have not followed what I have listed above are most likly to be a victim of fraud.

fYI Maleware and Antivirus are very different. Malware is your basic annoying stuff it can create Pop-ups and ad-ware type programs that are not embedded. Viruses can and will get into everything and can change/control often by using exploits that do not just run in the background.

Steam Hacked, Need Account Advice?

OK I will keep this short, Steam forums were hacked the other day.  The hackers were able to gain access to Steams back end systems - amazingly they have no idea if any card details were stolen but they do know that some user details were taken..

please take our suggested advice and this applys to any online store in the event of an hack or account breach...

* Change your Steam password, just in case. If you were using a weak password before, take this opportunity to choose a decent one.

* Keep an eye on your credit card statement and report any unexpected transactions.

* Consider not storing your credit card data on Steam's servers. You don't have to. You can choose to enter it every time you need it instead.

* Consider enabling Steam Guard. If you do, Steam will email you every time you (or someone else) logs in from someone else's computer.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Enlarge icons and text on desktop

The simple Mouse Wheel Method

Click on a icon on your desktop, so the desktop has the focus then

  1. Press & hold Ctrl on the keyboard
  2. While still holding CTRL Scroll with the mouse wheel up or down and you can then select the desired size.
Simple easy and fast!!!